Have a Happy (and Safe) Halloween With These Fun Socially-Distanced Party Ideas

Posted by Ashley Neal on Oct 14, 2020

Have a Happy (and Safe) Halloween With These Fun Socially-Distanced Party Ideas

We've learned ways to modify our everyday actions to protect ourselves from COVID-19. But what can we do when a holiday like Halloween comes around?

Traditionally, children dress in costumes and go door to door for candy and treats on Halloween. Going to others' homes and getting candy that others have handled isn't the best option in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Wonder how you can still make things fun for little ones at this time of year? Don't worry -- keep reading to find out how you can have a happy and safe Halloween.

At Home Trick-or-Treating

You don't have to give up trick-or-treating all together. There's a way to stay home and still enjoy going around for treats and candies.

Decorate different rooms of your house with a different spooky theme. Put buckets of candy in the room and have your children go around, taking a piece from each room.

Outdoor Fun

You can throw a socially distanced Halloween party and still be safe. Besides having just a few people over and staying apart from each other, you can move the fun outside.

Make your patio or garden an outdoor oasis. You can even project classic scary films onto a wall and have a Halloween movie marathon.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Pumpkin carving is a great socially distanced activity. You can do it with just a few friends or host a contest for your neighborhood.

This is a fun way to get in the spirit of the season and let your creativity shine. Take it online and let people vote on social media if you really want to get competitive.

Stay Online

There are plenty of fun Halloween activities that you can do virtually. While we all miss seeing our friends in real life, online might be the safest way to have a COVID-19 Halloween.

Watch spooky movies with friends and family online. Do pumpkin carving or mask decorating together over Zoom.

You can have a costume contest with other friends over social media. Once you start getting creative, you'll find tons of ways to take Halloween online.

Scavenger Hunt

This is an idea that will let your entire neighborhood participate without the danger of handing out candies. Agree on an item or image, like a cute bat or little witch's hat, and make it into a visual scavenger hunt.

Ask neighbours to hide the image or item on their lawn or by the front of their home. Take the kids out on Halloween and see how many you can find.

Have a Safe Halloween

As you can see, once you start thinking about it, you'll come up with great ideas for a happy and safe Halloween. There are wonderful ways to get into the spirit while staying healthy and safe.

Don't let current challenges diminish your holiday fun. Start working on your Halloween plan and don't forget other upcoming holidays, too.

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